COVID Protection

We supply Marshals in Sydney & Melbourne

It has been a horrible two years of lockdowns and hardship for many businesses in Victoria or NSW. Now is the time to reopen and at the same time keep us safe and complaint. COVID MARSHAL HIRE ~ Presentable Covid Marshalls  ~ Experienced ~ First aid Trained ~ Marshall HiVis Vest ~ COVID-19 infection control training ~ Double Vaccinated.  ~ Back to Base monitored.



Easy To Book

If your business is in Melbourne or Sydney It is only an email or a phone call/Text >> to book a Covid marshal to assist with your business Compliance. No Need to use one of you’re own staff who is better at serving customers. We will supply trained Covid Marshalls to make you compliant and safe!

Casual or Part time

Last-minute Covid Marshal Hire is always going to be a test of ability, but when you’re having a busy time and one of you’re staff is not available we have the Covid Marshal staff resources ready. Our staff also have other hospitality skills that can at some times be utilized to make your business run smoothly.

Contracted Full Time

A business that can see the benefits of having a contracted Covid Marshal, who has other skills and training to suit the client’s needs, is always the ultimate goal. We interview and trial our staff to know what is best suited to the employee and to the client. Long-term relationships, we are always trying to achieve.

What you need to know:

General Conditions of Entry 

  • Everyone over the age of 16 must be fully vaccinated 

Proof of vaccination status can be provided with:

  • A COVID-19 digital certificate
  • A printed copy of COVID-19 digital certificate
  • A printed copy of Immunisation history statement

It is the responsibility of each hirer to nominate a COVID check in Marshal, and ensure only fully vaccinated patrons enter the facility.

COVID check in marshals must be at the front entrance to the facility, and must ensure all attendees check in via the Victoria Service QR code, and are fully vaccinated or have a valid medical exemption. 

Once all attendees have entered the facility, and the check- in process is complete the front entrance must be locked to ensure no one else can enter the facility without following the correct conditions of entry requirements.