Hotel & Restaurants

~ COVID Safe Marshals & Security Guards, ~ COVID Marshal / Crowd Controller / Security Guard,

When it’s busy in your Hospitality business you do not need to take one of your own staff off the floor or from behind the bar to deal with Marshall compliance door duties. OUR COVID MARSHAL HIRE VICTORIA ✔️ RSA Trained ✔️ RSG Trained ~ Presentable Covid Marshalls  ~ Experienced ~ First aid Trained ~… Continue reading Hotel & Restaurants

Friendly Female Marshalls

We are all about customer service and experience! Often we recommend Female Marshalls to be at the entrance of you’re business to carry out the Covid Qr check-ins and Vaccination checking. Not like some arrogant SECURITY GUARD who tinks they are a Bouncer at the door of an exclusive nightclub. The experience for you’re customers… Continue reading Friendly Female Marshalls

Hall Or Venue Hire

~ COVID Safe Marshals & Security Guards, ~ COVID Marshal / Crowd Controller / Security Guard,

Hall Hirers are encouraged to engage accredited COVID-19 Marshall personnel for functions. The Shire may require the Hirer to provide, at the Hirer’s cost, accredited COVID-19 Marshall personnel for functions identified as High-Risk Functions by the Shire, as a condition of any hire. Any such requirement will be notified by the Booking Officer at the… Continue reading Hall Or Venue Hire

Covid Marshalls Services

Businesses Need Marshalls Covid restrictions and penalties in Victoria Victoria Police can issue on-the-spot fines of  up to $10,904 for businesses $109,044 for corporations are possible through the court system.COVID/VACCINE DOOR DUTIES, CHECK COVID QR CHECKIN, PROOF OF VACCINATIONAs you know our world is changing and so must we to adapted to the Laws and… Continue reading Covid Marshalls Services


As you know our world is changing and so must we too adapt to the Laws and current COVID requirements. We have now launched our “Essential Covid Marshalls Services” to make sure you’re premises, or event is compliant and safe for everyone.What you Get with Essential Covid Marshalls Services; ~ Presentable COVID Marshal.  ~ Experienced and Trained.  ~ First aid Trained.  ~ Covid Safe… Continue reading COVID MARSHALL STAFF